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Chavez power begins to slip with the election

Polls have confirmed that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s opposition party has won some important elections according to the BBC and Reuters.

Although Chavez’s socialist party still won elections in 17 of 22 states, the states where it lost were pivotal areas according to the BBC (Reuters says 17 of 20 states). The elections choose over 300 governors and mayors in the country of Venezuela.

The opposition won in states of Miranda and Zulia, both are which are considered key states due to their high electorate says the BBC.

However, these two states also elected the opposition at the last election four years ago, so there was no gain in this election with these states.

But the opposition did gain ground in Caracas says Reuters. The important thing is that opposition now hold control in the areas with the highest concentration of population, which will be crucial in future elections says Reuters.

However, two races were still too close to call say both publications.

The results of these races could change the dynamic of the government further says Reuters. The opposition hopes to end Chavez run for reelection in 2012.

Voter turnout was at 64.5% say officials. (BBC)

The BCC says that both sides believed that the election was a success.

The president names Fidel Castro as a mentor. His country depends on oil for the majority of revenue, which has posed a problem for the country’s economy as the prices for a barrel of oil have continued to slip since July says Reuters.