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Death Toll of Collasped School in Haiti Rises to 92

The death toll keeps rising at a school that collapsed in Haiti. The latest number is 92 deaths according to The New York Times and China View.

The New York Times reports that after rescue workers found a room full of children in the collapsed school on Saturday the death toll rose above 90. As of noon that day, leader of the civil protection service, Alta Jean-Baptiste, verified 84 dead and 150 people injured. But the count rose to 92 after a different civil protection official said that he saw eight more dead bodies.

The school that taught 700 students was in session when it collapsed. Although exactly how many of the students were inside the building when it fell is unknown said The New York Times.

The Protestant minister who owned the school and church was arrested. This school lacked the proper amount of structural steel or cement blocks to hold together the concrete blocks said Haitian President Rene Preval (NY Times).

As of Saturday, China View also reported 92 dead and 150 injured. They also report that the number of survivors also grew as four children were rescued from beneath the rubble making for 35 survivors. They reported that more than 500 students were enrolled at the school. The owner of the school was arrested on Saturday, and the Haitian President blamed poor construction and lack of government funding for the collapse of the building. A number of people are helping in recue efforts including United Nations recue teams, French firefighters, and Dominican Republic helicopters, all of which were working on Saturday said China View.

China View and the NY Times both report that the school was located in the suburbs of Haiti’s capital, Port-of Prince.