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Protests in California over Passing of Proposition 8

Protests erupted in California over the passing of Proposition 8 on Saturday reports The Associated Press and Los Angeles Times.

Proposition 8, which prohibits same-sex marriage, passed on Tuesday. This amendment is in opposition to the Supreme Count’s May ruling which allowed for same-sex marriage says The Associated Press. The passing of this Proposition “threw into question the legality of 18,000 marriages of gay and lesbian couples? (LA Times).

A couple protests ensured on Saturday including one in Los Angeles around the Silver Lake area. The LA Times says that police guided the group of 12,500 protesters though the streets for more than three hours Saturday evening while The Associated Press says that the police guided around 10,000 protesters for about four hours after the event started at 6pm. Both publications report that there were no arrests.

This protest started with passionate speeches from the bed of a truck says the LA Times. One of the protesters, Mario Mariscal talked of a lack of energy spent informing Latinos about the Proposition, who were crucial in the election. (LA Times)

Another large rally took place on Saturday in San Diego. The LA Times said there were up to 10,000 people at this protest. This noontime protest which lasted about 90 minutes was also non-hostile and without any arrests says The Associated Press.

Although these were not the first protests since Proposition 8 passed, these two were the biggest says The Associated Press.

A smaller group of about 1,000 people gathered Saturday for a candle vigil, instead of a protest, against the passing of Proposition 8 reports The Associated Press.

Both publications also mentioned protests being held (since the Proposition passes) all week in California. However, not all were as peaceful on the protests on Saturday. Police arrested three people from a crowd of about 2,000 during a Friday night protest in Long Beach says The Associated Press. The LA Times reports 15 arrests at this protest.