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Rampage in India by Terrorists Has Ended

The terror rampage is over in Mumbai, India, say officials reports The Associated Press and the TimesOnline.

The 60-hour rampage that killed 195 people ended Saturday say both publications. Of the dead, 18 were foreigners, and six of those were Americans. This toll is also expected to rise as the hotels continued to be cleared out and more bodies are likely to be found inside them says the Times.

The last remaining gunman was located in the burning Taj Mahal hotel says the TimesOnline. He was killed by the Indian commandos.

The AP says that rampage ended on Saturday when the last three gunmen were found in the Taj Mahal and killed by the Indian commandos.

Now that the rampage is over, the question is who is behind the attacks?

A Muslim group that was previously unknown, Deccan Mujahideen, and possibly from India, claimed responsibility for the acts says that AP. But Indian officials didn’t take this claim to heart and instead look at the neighboring Pakistan. It didn’t help the case that the last surviving gunman was from Pakistan. (AP)

The Muslim group said that two of the terrorists were British-born Pakistanis. However, no evidence has been found to support this claim. (Times)

The Pakistan Prime Minister said on Friday that his country was not to blame in the matter, and he promised to help find out who was responsible. (Times)

Some FBI agents have been sent to India to help in the investigation of who committed the attacks says the Times and AP.

This attack on the India was the second deadliest for the nation. The deadliest claimed 257 lives in Mumbai in 1993. That times the city was attacked with serial bombs.