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10-year-old Killed in Christmas Parade

A 10-year-old girl was killed during a Christmas parade on Saturday says the Associated Press and KFDM News.

The girl was riding in one of the floats that was apart of the parade says KFDM News. She tripped and hit her head after jumping off the float, and then the float proceeded to run the girl over say witnesses. It was about 7:15 p.m., and the parade was finishing up when the accident occurred. The girl was pronounced dead within minutes of arriving at the hospital with severe head injuries.

That accident happened in Beaumont, TX.

The Associated Press says that it was not the first time the girl had jumped off of the float during the parade route when she fell and hit her head. A police dispatcher said that she been jumping on and off the float throughout the parade route and was repeatedly told to stop. They say that it was the trailer behind the float that hit her.

The AP also reports that according to a Beaumont resident the accident was almost avoided because the parade was close to being cancelled due to the destruction from Hurricane Ike earlier this year. But she says they choose to hold the parade to try and bring some positivity to the town.

The AP says that hundreds were in attendance for the parade, and that former Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett, who was temporarily paralyzed during a game last season, was the grand marshall.