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Cholera Cases put Zimbabwe in a State of Emergency

Country officials are calling Zimbabwe a “state of emergency� as a cholera breakout has been sweeping though the nation says the BBC and the Times Online.

The Times says that the country’s Prime Minister said that the nation is in a “international state of emergency,� while the BBC said that nation officials made the statement.

The Times says that the disease has taken the lives of 575 people but the BBC puts that number at more than 550.

The outbreak begin in August, and besides the 575 dead, 13,000 others are sick says the Times.

The country is now asking for international help to cue the disease.

“This is now an international rather than a national emergency,� said the Prime Minister. “International because disease crosses borders.� (Times Online)

Making matters worse is that the disease is hitting the nation during an economic meltdown and political stalemate. (BBC)

Urgent help is needed because the disease, which causes extreme dehydration, can kill within 24 if not treated says the Times. With rehydration kits and Cholera testing packets, the disease could be preventable says the Times.

The other problem is that the country has poor water. The capital has been without water since Sunday due to a lack of purification tablets says the BCC. But, the Europeans Commission has promised $12 million worth of clean water and drugs to the country. Great Britain has also pledged an aid package to the country to help stop the spread of the disease says the Times.

However, the good news is that the health minister reports a drop in the number of cases in the each providence except for Harare.

Two of Zimbabwe’s neighboring countries, Botswana and Mozambique, have also reported some cases of the disease says the BBC.