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Firey Accident Leaves One Dead

A blazing car crash killed one person says the Star Tribune and WCCO.

The accident happened Saturday night at the intersection of Highway 252 and 66th street in Brooklyn Center report both publications.

The Star Tribune says that accident occurred at 6:17 p.m. when a car rear-ended another car. This set off a chain-reaction involving five cars.

One of the cars caught fire, and the person in the car burned to death. WCCO says that this person was a male, but the Trib says although suspected to be a male, the gender of the person could not be confirmed because the body was so badly burned.

The victim was driving a 1994 Chrysler Lebaron says WCCO.

The Trib says that one other person was injured, but WCCO says that three others were injured.

Both articles say that the accident was alcohol-related, but the Trib added that no arrests had been made, and WCCO said that the roads were also wet that night.