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Flooding in Venice

The city of Venice in Italy is experiencing major flooding reports CNN and Voices of America.

VOA says that flooding is the worst flooding in over 20 years for the city while CNN says it is the worst is the last 22 years.

CNN says that in some parts of the city the water is neck-deep. The famous St. Mark’s square was under nearly a meter of water at one point after water broke though the city’s canals. This height of water grew as strong winds made the water rise to 1.56 meters. When the water reached this level warning were issued to citizens.

After the wind changed direction the water level begin to go down a little bit. The 1.56 meters of water almost made a new record. The last record was from 1989 when the city had 1.58 meters.

The water taxi’s temporality stopped service once the water reached the 1.56 meter mark says VOA.

Other towns also flooded on Monday. These Croatian towns were located on the Adriatic. (VOA) The publication also says that Italian government is working on an expensive project “to help prevent floods from destroying the city.?

CNN also says that if the city doesn’t work to fix this problem it could see daily flooding, and that water level would slowly be permanently rising.