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Settlement Reached With Family Who Home was Mistakenly Raided

The city of Minneapolis reached a settlement deal on Friday with a family who home was mistakenly raided by the police in 2007 says K-SAX and WCCO.

F-SAX says that the Minneapolis City Council approved the settlement of $612,000 that the family will receive. The city said they will also make the rest of the payments on the home of the family, the house which was raided, although the family no longer resides there. The house is located in the 1300 block of Logan Avenue North.

That home was raided by Minneapolis police on Dec. 9, 2007 says K-SAX. They police believed that a gung member of the ‘Rolling 60’s gang’ lived at the house and that the gang member was stockpiling weapons in the house. This information reached the police from a reliable source the K-SAX article says. However, this information proved to be false.

WCCO says that city approved $800,000 for the settlement, and that about $600,000 of that will be paid to the family with the rest paying for the house payments on their house.

WCCO says that the raid occurred one week before Christmas last year. Yee Moua, the mother, called 911 while her husband, Vang Khang grabbed his shotgun when the intrusion started. Khang hit three officers with gunfire, but did not hurt any due to their body armor.

“This warrant was the result of a flawed investigation done by the Minneapolis Police Violent Offender Task Force,? Former U.S. Attorney Tom Heffefinger, who represented the family, said. “Shots missed Yee and Vang by less than a foot.? (WCCO)

WCCO says that the informant who gave the police the false information also used a fake name when giving them the information. She, Morgan Ashley Young, is still wanted for a felony prostitution charge.