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Sex in the Metrodome

Two Iowans were cited for indecent conduct at the Metrodome during the Minnesota versus Iowa football last Saturday says WCCO and the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune says that a security officer saw the couple “having relations� in a handicap bathroom stall and found the police after seeing the incident. The police then separated the couple and cited them for misdemeanor indecent conduct. The two people, Ross M. Walsh, 26, and Lois K. Feldman, 38, engaged in the activity while a crowd cheered. Walsh is of Linden, Iowa, and Feldman is of Carroll, Iowa. The police say that both were intoxicated at the time. The police also said that Walsh was released to his girlfriend and Feldman to her husband.

WCCO reports a similar story. They said that about 15 people were gathered watching the couple inside the men’s handicap bathroom stall. They say that the security guard went and got police after he saw two sets of legs beneath the stall with pants and underwear around their ankles. WCCO did not name the two people, and only gave their ages of 26 and 38 years old. The women may have provided the police officers with a fake middle name at the scene. She could be charged with providing false name for this action.