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Zimbabwe Blames West for Cholera

Information Minister Sikhanyiso, an ally to the Zimbabwean President, said on Thursday that he blames the outbreak of cholera in his country western countries report the AHN and BBC News.

The AHN actually attributed the words to Presideent, Robert Mugabe.

Specifically Sikhanyiso called it “a calculated racist terrorist attack on Zimbabwe by the unrepentant former colonial power which has enlisted support from its American and Western allies so that they invade the country.� (AHN)

He also said that the disease is “genocidal onsl aught on the people of Zimbabwe by the British.� (BBC)

The disease has left 792 people dead report both publications. That number is likely to keep rising, and the BCC says that the UN World Health Organization warns it could reach 60,000 if nothing is done to stop the spread of the disease.

US ambassador to Zimbabwe James McGee says that people were drinking from sewers, many hospitals remained closed, and there was no trash collection happening in the country. He blames the outbreak on the “political crisis and the failed economic policies of its government� says the BCC.

The AHN says that Zimbabwean government has also suggested that the United States was to blame for the outbreak.

An African bishop likened Mugabe to that of a present day Hitler says that BBC.

“The situation is truly grim. One man and his cronies - Robert Mugabe - are holding this country hostage,� Mr McGee said, AP news agency reports.� (BBC).