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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's first State of the State speech promises 'reality'
Written by Scott Bauer

The reporter crafted the news story around certain points which would seem newsworthy to the public. In this case he picked budget cuts and unemployment which are two huge issues Walker discusses in the speech. Also, the reporter only gives a small excerpt of what Walker is actually saying and goes into further detail on his stance and beliefs when it comes to the budget. The news story is not bias in any way and states what Walker will be doing to change the budget in Wisconsin.

Marshall was charged with assault after allegedly having an altercation outside a fast-food outlet in Sydney's CBD early Saturday morning, The Sydney Morning Herald said.
The National Rugby League star Benji Marshall is affiliated with the Wests Tigers team, The Sydney Morning Herald said.
The fight was said to have been about certain racial slurs a group of men were saying to Marshal, ABC said.
"Players are not always in the wrong but incidents such as these will always demand close scrutiny by the game and the public," NRL chief David Gallop said.

St. Paul officials are removing the trees to help fight against the emerald ash borer, which has killed millions of trees in the area, MSNBC said.
The St. Paul Parks and Recreation department will be taking down trees on the cities east side, authorities said.
In 2009 the green, beetle-like pest was found in the neighborhood and has been infecting trees all over the city, The Pioneer Press said.
Trees that are in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood with be treated with pesticides to slow the progression of the beetles damage, The Pioneer Press said.

The man has been suspected of three other robberies at local TCF bank branches in St. Paul and St. Anthony, MSNBC said.
The robber was carrying a handgun and asked everyone inside the bank to get down as he attempted to rob three different tellers, authorities said.
"Three in a week is not common," FBI spokesman Steve Warfield said. "This guy is on a binge for sure."
No injuries have been reported for this one or any of the other robberies, The Star Tribune said.

The two wells used by natural gas-drilling companies closed operations Friday due to new research which announced the activity at the injection sites could cause larger earthquakes than expected, The Commercial Appeal said.
A new fault was discovered near the Faulkner County wells where the inject drilling waste is big enough to make an earthquake with a 6.0 magnitude, research scientist with the Center for Earthquake Research and Information Stephen Horton said.
Thousands of earthquakes have been reported in north-central Arkansas beginning in the fall , The New York Times said.
The two wells will remain closed until evidence is presented at a hearing of the Oil and Gas Commission at the end of the month, authorities said.

The federal charges linked to Loughner were murdering two government officials, causing the deaths of four others and the attempted murder of Senator Gabrielle Giffords along with other government aids and firearm charges, The New York Times said.
After the shootings Loughner was only charged for the murders committed but after further investigation they found information regarding victims who were not federal officials became useful in the trial, authorities said.
"Those citizens who were peaceably assembled to speak to their Member of Congress are also named victims in this indictment," U.S. Attorney Dennis K. Burke said.
The incident makes it clear that federal prosecutors are looking into the death penalty for this case, NPR said.

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