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Yahoo expands

On Monday, Yahoo! introduced a new search system called "OneSearch" for mobile phone users. It is specifically for an instance when one is searching for topics that are only relevant to a certain area of the country. Users just type in a zipcode or city name and they are set to go.

The first article I read is from www.techtree.com and was posted on March 20 (today). The article does have some major news values that is shows within it. The event is timely, seeing as Yahoo! just announced it on Monday. The article shows clearly that this new search system has impact by giving examples of situations where individuals may need the system:

**For instance, instead of popular movies or critical reviews, OneSearch lists local theaters playing a particular movie, user ratings of the movie, and news headlines related to it.**

I know there are many times when I, personally, would like to look up movies right on the spot and quickly; this shows the impact it will have on the consumer, as well as the supplemental value of helpfulness. This news event has some sort of prominence, not having to do with a well-known individual or celebrity, but rather a well-known institution - Yahoo! itself. Because it is such a huge company, it will make news. It even mentions one of Yahoo!'s competitors:

**Scoring one up over Google, Yahoo! reportedly yesterday introduced its new Internet search system for mobile phone users, OneSearch that promises locally relevant search.**

Even if we don't use Yahoo! to search online, most people know Google; therefore, the audience will be able to recognize the name and make the assumption that Yahoo! is a big and powerful company. This article shows the novelty of the event, since One Search is a new idea in the technological world and on the internet. Going back to the supplemental values, this event has currency because it is worthy of discussion - it may become an emerging trend.

This article can be found here: http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Yahoo_OneSearch_for_Mobile_Users/551-79887-643.html

The second article I looked at on the same topic is from www.unstrung.com and was also posted on March 20. The reporter of this article considered many news values, as well. It is timely and shows that it is so by stating that they just released the info yesterday. The article describes what Yahoo! hopes to do for consumers by giving a quote from the senior vice president of connected life, Yahoo!:

**"Yahoo! oneSearch has already started to change the mobile search game by fundamentally improving the way consumers' access and use the Internet on their mobile phones," said Marco Boerries, senior vice president of connected life, Yahoo!.**

This article is more clear about the fact this new search engine is an expansion of a previous idea:

**Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO) has today expanded the reach of the popular new Yahoo! oneSearch service to the Mobile Web in the United States. **

OneSearch, the article says, was first available only on the web through computers. Now, they are taking it to a new level and offering to mobile users on their phones in the United States. Therefore, the impact is on a smaller group of people - those who own cell phones. It also lessens the value of novelty in the article, because it isn't as unusual anymore, now that the reader knows this search engine has been online for awhile already. This article gives another quote from Boerries, which shows what people think of it so far:

**"Consumers that have tried oneSearch love it, telling us it's easier and more helpful than any other mobile search services they've used. We are delivering the results consumers want with just one search, not a list of Web links."**

This shows the impact is has and possibly indicates what peoples' responses will be in the future. The event has prominence for the same reason as the first article showed: Yahoo! as a name. The article shows currency for the same reason as the first - it may be an emerging trend. It is obvious in this article that Yahoo! is making this a trend within it's own organization because it is making it available on mobile phones in addition to the internet on computers.

This article can be fond here: http://www.unstrung.com/document.asp?doc_id=119837

In my opinion, the second article gives the reader a bigger picture of what the situation is; I think it is important to know that this is an expansion of an idea. I hadn't even heard about OneSearch online, and all of a sudden I'm reading about it going to cellphones. I think both articles could've done a little bit of history on the OneSearch at the end of the article, just simply stating when it first appeared online, etc.