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September 25, 2006

Promp #2 Solar Power


Solar Power is a very efficient source of energy. I believe more homes should integrate solar power into their source of power. Pollution from having solar power is minimal to none at all. Also owning solar panels reduces the "Ozone" eating pollutants that a power plant creates to power a home. Another benefit of owning solar panels is that they are pretty cheap to maintain and save the homeowner money. There is one bad thing about solar panels they are expensive to buy and install. Although technological advancements are making solar power more affordable and not as much of an eye-sore to homes! I believe that more of the general population will be able to afford solar panels because of our technological advancements. This will reduce our needs to depend on earth polluting ways of powering our homes and will benefit us and the earth

September 18, 2006

Energy... What is it?

As I was headed to the Lake St. Farmers Market I experienced a lot of energy on the Light Rail. On the Light Rail there were people headed to the Gophers Football game. They were all energized and ready to have a good time. As we approached the Metrodome the U of M marching band was playing loud and energized. Then I arrive to the Lake St. Farmers Market there were more people who were energized. There were people bargaining with the vendors, kids running around, vendors trying to sell their product and also was a woman playing a guitar and singing. What did all of these people have in common? They were energized and creating, using and exchanging energy.

So what is this energy I experienced? Energy can be something as little as the food someone is eating. Another example of energy can be when people are together socializing or at an event experiencing something communal. I notice energy being created while people were talking and negotiating with each other. Some was created when people came to an agreement they were satisfied. Energy was used by these people to get to their gathering places. Whether it was by walking, riding a bus, a train, a bike or driving car energy was used. We eat food (energy) which is then transferred to chemical energy like sugars which we use to move our muscles. Then as we move our muscles we burn the sugars and that is turned in to heat energy. So we are always transferring energy also.

So in conclusion we are constantly creating, using and transferring energy. We create energy as we interact with other humans. We are using energy to move, talk, sleep and so on. During these activities we are also transferring energy from one state to another. This energy is always around us whether we like it or not.