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October 9, 2006

The Phenomena of an Ant


Ants they are very social animals that as a group can build colonies that consist of millions of individuals. According to www.wikipedia.com these colonies can grow so big that they are called a super-colony and are sometimes considered a superorganism because they consist of so many single organisms. Ants are known to live on every continent. I think that that is crazy because it shows us how successful an ant is as an organism.

The framework of an ant consists of the tough armor like exoskeleton, a pair of sensitive antennas, a nervous system, crushing mandibles for eating and six legs.

The clockwork of an ant is its life cycle which an ant begins as an egg. Which then turns into a larva and is then lives the rest of its life as a full grown ant. As a full grown ant it reproduces and then dies. This life cycle goes around and around continuously.

A phenomenon that I don’t understand is how an ant can carry up to 50 times their own weight! That would be like us humans carrying around an unrealistic 9000 lbs.! Ants can carry this weight a relatively far distance.

October 2, 2006

Geneius Loci


When we were given this assignment I immediately knew what place I was going to choose. This place is where I spent a lot of my time when I was younger and not only then but now. I visit this place quit often as an adult because it brings back many childhood memories. I have explored every nook and crevice in this lot of woods and could give a tour of these woods (not too many people would probably be interested though). In 1991 my family and I moved into a new house located on the edge of some woods. It was then that a neighbor boy and I began to explore these 25 acres of forest at the young age of 5. In this forest there are oaks, maples, poplars, basswood and ash. During this time we fished and swam in this little creek (that now is dried up), climbed every tree, caught hundreds of minnows, build a few deer stands, constructed many forts, made exciting rope swings and even started the forest on fire. The forest fire got so big that we had to call the local fire department to come and put it out. This is one memory that I will never forget, on a crisp fall afternoon we were planning on making a small burnt trail to one of our forts. But the dried up weeds began to burn out of control and our one gallon buckets could not keep up with the quickly spreading fire. So it was then that we decided that we needed a little assistance to put this fire out, the local fire department. In these woods many lessons were learned, much fun was had and many memories were made. Now as I walk through them they bring back many memories and allow me to walk into my childhood. This is the reason these woods are so special and important to me.