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The Phenomena of an Ant


Ants they are very social animals that as a group can build colonies that consist of millions of individuals. According to www.wikipedia.com these colonies can grow so big that they are called a super-colony and are sometimes considered a superorganism because they consist of so many single organisms. Ants are known to live on every continent. I think that that is crazy because it shows us how successful an ant is as an organism.

The framework of an ant consists of the tough armor like exoskeleton, a pair of sensitive antennas, a nervous system, crushing mandibles for eating and six legs.

The clockwork of an ant is its life cycle which an ant begins as an egg. Which then turns into a larva and is then lives the rest of its life as a full grown ant. As a full grown ant it reproduces and then dies. This life cycle goes around and around continuously.

A phenomenon that I don’t understand is how an ant can carry up to 50 times their own weight! That would be like us humans carrying around an unrealistic 9000 lbs.! Ants can carry this weight a relatively far distance.


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Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! dkosylezeg

I love ants, I am a member of a small ant colony near my work. I visit them regularly and share my lunch with them while I sit and sketch. we are a small colony but soon, soon....