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November 27, 2006



A good example of what Neil Postman was talking about in "Technopoly" would be the use of computers as a form of communication. Neil says "After television, the United States was not America plus television; television gave a new coloration to every home, to every school, to every church, to every industry." we could also say the same about computers and communication. That after the invention of the computer it brought us different forms of communications. These different forms of communications brought us both good and bad habits. One technology that computer communication brought us was instant communication, this can both be a good and bad result. A good result would be that we can get more work done in a day with the introduction of instant communication. Some bad results of this are that computer communication is a non-personable way of communication. A good example of this is before we would send a handwritten card or letter to someone this made the form of the content very personable. Now we can hop on the internet and send a premade card from some website, this I feel is a non-personable form of communication.

Lance LaVines presentation on technology as a order of nature I think is different than what Neil Postman thinks of technology. From what I got out of Lance's presentation was that all technologies are a result of copying nature. Were as Neil talks about how technology is a creation of man and how these technologies are used as a tool in which we become to tool.

November 13, 2006

Opposition and Resolution


An opposition of climate has a great impact on humans. When we wake up we plan our days around this opposition. An example is when we realize that the air temperature is cold. To survive this opposition we create a resolution by responding to the air temperature and putting on more layers of clothing. This resolution is called an adequate response. An invention to make our living area more stable was the invention of the air conditioner and central furnace. The invention of these two devices is also considered adequate response to our relatively uncomfortable climate. Now that the air temperature around my house is cold we responded by turning our central furnace on. We might not realize it but we humans are always responding to the opposition of nature. Also every day we make choices based on the opposition of climate.