INTERNATIONAL: Cameron says violent protesters should be prosecuted

Prime minister David Cameron said violent student protesters who rallied Wednesday against Conservative Party-backed tuition hikes should be punished with "the full force of the law," The Independent reported.

Demonstrators "who assault police officers or who smash windows or who break property" should be prosecuted, Cameron told Channel 5 News from the G-20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, according The Independent.

The comments come amid criticism of police response to the protests held at Conservative Party headquarters in London, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Member of Parliament Nick Herbert said police underestimated the protest's size and called their response "an embarrassment to London and to us," the Belfast Telegraph reported.

"The police have to strike a balance between dealing promptly and robustly with violent and unlawful activity on the one hand, and allowing the right to protest on the other," Herbert said, as reported by the Belfast Telegraph. "Clearly in this case the balance was wrong."

Police have made 57 arrests in connection with the protest violence, reported Sunday.

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