NATIONAL: Coach accused of whipping players faces lawsuit

A Mississippi high school basketball coach is accused of whipping players in a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

Marlon Dorsey, boys basketball coach at Three Murrah High School in Jacksonville, Miss., is alleged to appear whipping a player with a belt in a cell phone video released to media, the Associated Press reported.

The suit contends that Dorsey whipped a senior student "daily and sometimes more than once daily by striking him three times across his buttocks each time," CNN reported.

Dorsey has admitted whipping players. He said in a statement to The Clarion Ledger that he took it upon himself to "save these young men from the destruction of self and what society has accepted," the Associated Press reported.

Corporal punishment is banned in Jacksonville public schools, according the Associated Press.

A district spokesperson would not confirm if Dorsey had been suspended, CNN reported.

"You may be assured that this situation has been addressed," Jackson School Superintendent Lonnie Edwards Sr. said in a statement released Thursday, according to CNN.

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