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Source Analysis

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The use of sources and attribution in news stories is necessary and important.

In the international section of the Team Hallett blog, the CNN story is a good example of this.

The story includes four different sources.

These sources a spread throughout the story and include: the reporter who was based in Berlin. A press release from the Vatican. The archdiocese and finally, Der Spiegel magazine.

The writer's attribution is clear with phrases like "the statement added," "According to Der Spiegel magazine," and "the archdiocese has said."

The style of attribution is highly effective because it tells the reader concisely were the sourced information is coming from. Additionally, knowing that the writer is in Berlin can only serve to give the article that much more validity.

Hells Angels Leader Murdered

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A prominent Hells Angels leader was shot and killed in a casino in Nevada, according to ABC News.

Jeffrey Pettigrew, 51, is the president of the San Jose chapter and the man shot and killed Friday.

The shoot-out then caused a retaliatory drive-by shooting several hours later. Soon after which Mayor Geno Martini declared a formal state of emergency, says CBS News.

"We don't want to alarm our residents," he said. "The declaration merely provides some tools and tactics our city can and should use if it comes to that."

He also added: "We don't expect further violence, but we must be prepared."

Minnesota's Kill Continues to Struggle with Seizures

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Sunday the University of Minnesota released a statement saying, head football coach Jerry Kill has decided to admit himself for further testing at the Mayo Clinic due to ongoing seizures.

"The seizures continue to be a concern for me and my family," Kill said. "Rebecca and I have made the decision to do what it takes to find a solution. I hope to be back to work soon."

Team physician, Dr. Pat Smith, is unable to guess how long Kill would stay at the world reunion hospital located in Rochester, Minn.

These statements follow a Wednesday report by the Minnesota Daily which stated Kill has had 20 seizures in the past week.

This chain of events all stems from an initial seizure that caused Kill to collapse during Minnesota's game against New Mexico State on Sept. 10.

Pope Meets With Sex Abuse Victims

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While visiting his homeland of Germany Pope Benedict XVI met Friday with a group that had been sexually abused by clergy in the area, says

According to a Vatican press release the pope was "deeply shaken" and assured that the church is "seriously concerned" with all crimes of abuse.

However this isn't the first time the current pope has been in the center of sexual assualt scandel. As a cardinal in Germany, he approved the transfer of a man suspected of abusing children.

USA Today adds, in the Netherlands additional victims of abuse by the clergy have requested the International Criminal Court investigate the pope and three Vatican officials for crimes against humanity.

Arsenal's Wilshere To Have Surgery

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Out for the season, the prognosis Arsenal's Jack Wilshere recieved after being told he would have to undergo surgery for his injured right ankle, according to ESPNsoccernet.

The 19-year-old englishmen has been wearing a protective boot on the ankle since injurying it in the preseason, all in hopes of avoiding said procedure, says The Guardian.

However, Wilshere's anke isn't responding as hoped and "surgery is now required," according the club's official website.

Pocket-dial Saves Girl

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A 20-year-old Wisconsin women's life was potentially saved after an accidental pocket-dial alerted her father, reports.

According to the, the women was being attacked by the man she has a child with, 21-year-old Floyd Rashid, when his cell phone accidentally dialed the women's father.

Ovhearing the struggle and Rashid's death threats towards his daughter, the father rushed over to the couple's house.

Upon entering the house, he found Rashid still pinning her down at which point he threw Rashid against a wall.

Rashid faces up to 6 years of imprisonment if convicted on all counts.

Parishioner Of Church Tackles Gunman

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A man saved himself and his fellow church-goers Sunday when a gun man entered the church and began shooting, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

The shooter, 57-year-old Jeremiah Fogle, shot his wife before wreaking havoc in his local church.

Forbes also adds that Fogle connected with two of his bullets injuring the church's pastor and associate pastor.

Twins' Morneau Out For Season

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The Star-Tribune is reporting that Minnesota Twins' first baseman Justin Morneau is going to be placed on injured-reserve for the remainder of the season.

Morneau is being kept off the playing field due to concussion symptoms for the second year running. Additionally, the 30-year-old will have surgery in his left knee to remove a cyst and will also have a bone spur removed from his left ankle.

The Washing Post also points out that Morneau had neck surgery earlier this season, which may have caused his career lows in batting average (.277), home runs (4) and RBIs (30).

The recovery time for this type of injury extends past the remainder of the regular season, so both player and club see no reason to push the envelope.

"Everything isn't regular yet," Morneau said. "We're going to run out of time [this season], so there's no reason to try to push through it and have it linger like it did last offseason. I'll be able to have a regular winter of working out and doing things to prepare like I normally do."

Trail Begins for Boyfriend Accused of Killing 2-year-old

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In Sept. 2009 a St. Paul 2-year-old was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal injuries after being placed in the care of his mother's boyfriend, the child died the next day, says the Star-Tribune.

The young boy's injuries were so severe, his mother said one doctor described them as similar to being "hit by a car". Eight hours before being brought to the hospital the boy was with his mother and in good health.

Lead Analysis

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"Security forces opened fire Sunday on tens of thousands of demonstrators in Yemen's capital, Sana, killing at least 26 protesters in one of the bloodiest days of the 9-month-old rebellion against President Ali Abdullah Saleh."

"Security forces", "demonstrators" - The who.
"Opened fire on tens of thousands of demonstrators" - The what.
"In Yemen's capital" - The where.
"Sunday." "9-month-old rebellion (contextual)" - The when.
"Rebellion against President Ali Abdullah Saleh" - The why.

This is a very straightforward lead and as hard-news as is it gets. However, this is to be expected and fits the story well.

What's interesting to note is the vast difference between these two leads, especially both being from such large and prestigious news outlets.

The L.A. Times lead is listed above and paints a seemingly clear picture. However, the AP report adds what would appear to be necessary information such as, 10 soldiers were killed in addition to the 26 demonstrators and that al-Qaida had links to the event.

The AP lead in full:
A new round of fierce fighting in southern Yemen killed 10 soldiers and 26 militants, military officials said Monday, the latest battle in a government campaign to retake territory from al-Qaida-linked fighters.

Yemen Troops Murder Protesters

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Yemen security forces fired upon protesters - killing 26 - organizing against current president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the LA Times reported Sunday.

The AP report sheds a different light on the story adding that 10 soldiers were killed in addition and described the conflict as a "battle in a government campaign to retake territory from al-Qaida-linked fighters".

According to the initial report, protests began as peaceful, but members of the movement began throwing stones and Molotov cocktails towards heavily armored government buildings.

This incident is considered to be the bloodiest of a 9 month rebellion.

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