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600 killed in Turkey earthquake

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The body count of 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey a week ago has reached 600, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Additionally, 4,100 people were injured in last Sunday's earthquake, according to CNN.

The United States and China are the most recent countries to offer support to the European country.

NBA cancels all games in November

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Commissioner David Stern canceled the first month of the NBA season Friday and saying that there will not be a full NBA season "under any circumstances," the Associated Press reports.

This announcement comes after the league and the player's union broke negotiations due to disagreement on how to share league revenues.

According to NBA.com blogger Sekou Smith the cancellation of November games will cost the league "hundreds of millions more" in addition to the $200 million lost as a result of a bypassed preseason.

'Die-hard' Occupy protesters clash with Denver police

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Denver police fired pepper spray pellets and arrested Occupy protesters who attempted to erect tents in a park near the Colorado Capitol, says the Associated Press.

Police arrived in riot gear and made 20 arrests while trying to prevent protesters from putting up tents in the park, which is illegal, Reuters reports.

Denver police spokesman Matt Murray said the majority of the protesters were peaceful except "a just a die-hard group that didn't want to cooperate."

Albert Lea teen accusing of murdering family dog

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An Albert Lea teen is accused of smashing the head of his family's Chihuahua with a cinder block, the Associated Press reports.

The Albert Lea Tribune reports that the accused is 17-year-old Omar Rodriguez. Due to concerns for the family's safety, authorities transported Rodriguez to a juvenile detention center located in Red Wing.

One of Rodriguez's siblings says his brother had recently been upset because the family had given away one of the dog's puppies.

Rodriguez is due in court on Monday.

Hibbing mayor's attacker sentenced

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A man has been convicted of attempted robbery and biting of Hibbing Mayor Rick Cannata, the Hibbing Daily Tribune reports.

Thunder Cloud Rodriquez, 18, bit the Hibbing mayor's eyebrow during the midst of the altercation. Rodriquez was sentenced to 34 months in prison, says the Star-Tribune.

Meeting Report Analysis

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The Star-Tribune article about the proposed so-called 'pole tax' is an advance story for a local meeting.

The reporter discovered the meeting topic through public record as the Minneapolis City Council is slated to meet on the issue next month.

The story's main source is Susan Segal, Minneapolis' city attorney who proposed the bill. Much of the story content is in reference to Segal's proposal idea on an increased tax for venues offering nude entertainment.

Another source is a local attorney Randall Tigue who often represents strip clubs. This gives readers a glimpse at the other side of the story.

The story also uses other council members as sources to express third party opinions.

Manchester City stiker is unscathed after fire

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Mario Balotelli, Manchester City and Italy striker, was unharmed after a firework started a fire in his bathroom, ESPN reports.

The Daily Mail says the fire started after one of Balotelli's friends set off the recreational explosive as a prank.

Police say the fire is being investigated, but not being treated as suspicious.

Shark kills American man swimming in Australia

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A Texas man was killed by a great white shark off the coast of Australia Saturday while scuba diving, according to CNN.

Friends said they noticed bubbles and then blood appear in the water followed by the surfacing of the victim's body.

The Hindu reports that this is the third of a recent series of attacks. Australia averages fewer than two fatal shark attacks a year.

48 exotic animals killed by local police

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An Ohio man released 56 exotic animals he owned, forcing a local sheriff to kill 48 of them earlier this week, says the Associated Press.

According to the AP 62-year-old Terry Thompson admitted he was having a tough time caring for the animals days before unleashing them and killing himself.

USA Today reports that the man behind the order to shoot and kill, Sheriff Matt Lutz, has come under nationwide criticism, but says, "If I had to do it over, I'd do the exact same thing."

Vikings' cornerback jailed on assault charges

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Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was arrested on two domestic assault charges early Saturday morning and is being held without bail at Hennepin County jail, the Star-Tribune reports.

As a result Cook, 24, has been declared inactive for this Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings released a statement concerning the incident Saturday: "The Minnesota Vikings are aware of the incident involving Chris Cook. We take this matter very seriously and are still gathering all the details of the incident. We will not have any further comment at this time."

ESPN blogger Kevin Seifert, who covered the Vikings for eight years with the Star-Tribune, says head coach Leslie Frazier will have to make a quick decision on Cook regardless of the hearing and that it's likely the NFL could weigh in with a fine or suspension.

Three injured in St. Paul shooting

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St. Paul police are searching for a suspect after three men were shot Saturday afternoon, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star-Tribune reports that the shooting took place on the 1300 block of Jessie Street. The victims were all diagnosed with noncritical injuries from an incident that is being described as "not random."

No arrests have been made according to police.

During their Euro 2012 qualifying match England's Wayne Rooney violently kicked at Montenegro defender Miodrag Dzudovic, subsequently earning himself a red-card and a three-game international ban.

The England Football Association has since appealed the suspensions in hopes of reducing the suspension to lesser games. All notwithstanding the 32-year-old Dzudovic says he'll speak in his attacker's defense, ESPN reports.

"I will speak for Rooney if he appeals against his ban," Dzudovic told the Daily Mirror. "I don't think it was fair (the ­punishment). He just was not thinking in that moment. He realized immediately what he had done and he apologized to me."

Obama fears Iranian plot to assassinate U.S. ambassador

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President Obama is prodding the United Nations to divulge classified information regarding Iran's nuclear weapons technology, says The New York Times.

This follows an earlier United States accusation that Iran is planning to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S. Coupling the two incidents together, president Obama looks to increase pressure on Iran.

Representative Mike Rogers and chairmen of the House Intelligence Committee suggests the releasing of this information could have serious repercussions.

"Military force should not be ruled out as a response to an Iranian assassination plot on US soil," Rogers was attributed to saying in the Boston Globe.

OccupyMN movement loses tents to police

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At about 1 a.m. Sunday Hennepin County sheriff deputies took down and confiscated 30 tents from local protesters, according to the Star-Tribune.

The demonstrators have been holding strong for more than a week outside the Hennepin County Government Center, but after the most recent losses have said they plan to move to the U.S. Bank Plaza.

Ben Painter of Minneapolis was asleep in his tent when police arrived, reports Fox 9.

"It was pretty civil, other than the fact that they came at 1:30 in the morning, we were in the middle of sleeping," he said. "I was shivering half to death. I couldn't stop shaking, because I've never been arrested and I didn't want to be arrested at all."

Man's body found in corn field

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The body of what "appeared" to be a man was found in a corn field Saturday, according to CBS.

The Renville County Sheriff was called to the scene by the owner who found the body while harvesting corn, says the Star-Tribune.

The field in which the body was found is 10 miles from Hector, in Brookfield Township.

Indy 500 winner dies after crash in Las Vegas

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This year's Indianapolis 500 winner, Dan Wheldon, died Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway after a 15-car pile-up, according to the Associated Press.

The crash happened during the season finale of the IndyCar Series and after officials called the race. Despite this, the drivers gave Wheldon a five-lap tribute and could be seen openly crying, says ESPN.

Spot/Follow Analysis

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For this analysis I will look at the article we covered in class about the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as well as a story in the Pioneer Press.

In the Giffords story the leads were very similar. The first three leads were extremly detailed and had minor changes as news updates came in. The final lead is much more condesed, most likely due to the fact that many people already knew the story.

The second story updates and adds new details to a story or if need be adds a correction. An example of an update can be found here in this Pioneer Press article. Notice how the update jumps to the top of the page, even above the lead.

In the New York Times article the response and/or changing story content was most certainly due to researching and updates from competing news outlets. So much so to a fault as the Times followed its competitors down the rabbit hole and into reporting false information. In the Pioneer Press article its updated for the correct reason, new information comming to the forefront that is ever relevant to the news story.

Mother found dead after giving birth in basement

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A 23-year-old woman was found dead after her baby was torn from her womb "by force" police say, according to the Pioneer Press.

In a more in-depth report the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel says that Milwaukee police are describing the incident as a rare case of "fetal abduction."

The mother was found in a basement, a 33-year-old women called 911 posing as the baby's mother. The woman is now in custody and the baby boy has since died.

Anoka Police say an 18-year-old broke into her neighbors home in an attempt to fund her porn addiction, says the Associated Press.

The Pioneer Press says the East Bethel women was caught breaking in via the home's dog door by a surveillance camera installed by Darin Pake, 44, after he begin noticing valuables missing.

Amanda Rose Owens is the former babysitter of Pake's children.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that at least 22 people were killed in Egypt when Christians and military police collided Sunday.

In a similar story the Associated Press reports that 24 were killed and that more than 200 injured.

According to these reports the violence escalated after Coptic Christians, known locally as Copts, were protesting peacefully after a church was burned down by Muslims. The Copts began attacking after military vehicles drove into the demonstrators.

One of the military policemen saw it another way.

"Protesters fired bird shot at the military police," said a policeman at the scene who would not give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media. "The police didn't interfere until protesters shot dead one of our officers and set ablaze a number of military vehicles and threw stones at the TV building."

California bans children under 18 from tanning beds

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The state of California has introduced a new law that will prevent children under the age of 18 from using tanning beds, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

California is the first to introduce said law in the U.S., although Texas currently bans children under 16 from using tanning beds a report from the Associated Press says.

The current law in California states no children under 14 can use tanning beds, but 15-17-year-olds can with parental permission.

The new law takes effect Jan. 1.

Hockey: Gophers sweep Sacred Heart to start season

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The Minnesota men's hockey team swept Sacred Heart in their season opening two game series, the Minnesota Daily reports.

The Gophers won their opening games of the new season with relative ease by the scores of 9-0 (Friday) and 6-0 (Saturday).

In addition to the positive start to the new season the Star-Tribune adds some interesting tidbits. Four Minnesota freshmen scored their first college goals in the series and Kent Patterson who had zero shutouts in 45 career games for the Gophers came out of the weekend with two.

The schedule toughens up considerably for the Gophers next week as they face the defending NCAA Champion Bulldogs of Minnesota-Duluth. Head coach Don Lucia recognized this as well as starting the season against an altogether soft opponent.

"We know we're going to play a better opponent next week," Lucia said. "It's good for us to have these games to gain some confidence.''

Structure Analysis

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For story structure analysis the Team Hallett blog will look the Associated Press' report on the shooting in San Leandro.

The first thing that is noticeable about how the writer arranges this story is that they choose to add more information to the lead, rather than uses the second paragraph as nutgraph or refresh of the lead. Its especially odd considering the added information, the time of the shooting, is seemingly periphereal and unnecessary.

The writer uses the third paragraph to address the three deaths again and does well by using the sam paragraph to transition into the stories main voice, one of the victim's fathers.

You could this story have been ordered differently?

The answer is yes. Even though it is a professionally written story by the AP, as we learned in class even AP stories can be reworked to still fit a proper news story format. This stems from the idea that each paragraph in a news story is a fact block which are to be arranged in order of importance. Sometimes the importance of certain facts can be argued, and thus comes the possible realignment of certain story segments.

#24 Penn State tops Minnesota 1-0 in women's soccer

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Penn State defeated Big Ten rival Minnesota by a scoreline of 1-0 Sunday and were lead by their prolific striker sophomore Maya Hayes, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Hayes, the game's lone goal scorer, leads the nation in goals and was at the forefront of every Nittany Lion attack throughout the contest. Hayes leads all of Division I in goals with 16.

The Big Ten Network covered the game with a live online broadcast and summarized the day's events well with help from this blogger.

Three killed at party in San Leandro

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Three people were killed, and another three were wounded after gunmen opened fire at a party in San Leandro, Calif., the Asocciated Press reports.

The party was promoted via internet and hosted at a large warehouse in the Northern California city. It was at the end of the evening's festivities when around 1:20 p.m. according to police when "atleast two gunmen" started shooting at exiting partygoers.

In a video interview with ABC7 Roger Kiel told the station that his daughter was one of the deceased.

"I'm devastated," Kiel said. "I'm looking at my car with the bullet holes in my windshield where I sit. So, I know my daughter suffered a horrible death."

Death of Coon Rapids women 'suspicious' police say

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A 33-year-old women was found dead Saturday at her home in Coon Rapids, according to police.

The Star-Tribune reports that upon their arrival police were confronted by two other individuals inside the home.

The Pioneer Press adds that the deceased, Thad Teige, lives at home according to records and was convicted in 1994 of a gross misdemeanor for fleeing an officer in a vehicle.

Former WCCO-TV reporter is 'one of the greatest'

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Kate McCarthy of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine writes about friend and former WCCO-TV reporter Caroline Lowe who she considers to be "one of the greatest reporters the Twin Cities has ever known."

Lowe left WCCO for San Luis Obispo, Calif. after covering the crime beat for 35 years.

In the story McCarthy writes about how Lowe still recieves Christmas cards from a convicted killer and would sleep with a police scanner in her bedroom.

Mexican Journalist Killed After Using Twitter

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A Mexican journalist was killed via decapatation after posting updates to ongoing criminal stories via a social media site, according to CPJ.org.

Maria Elizabeth Macias Castro, 39-year-old editor of local daily Primera Hora, used her Twitter account "La NenaDLaredo" (The girl from Laredo) to write adversely about criminal groups and minor corruption in city affairs, El Universal reports.

A follow up story from CPJ notes that the killers of Castro made sure their actions and message were clear by leaving a hand-written note along with a prop keyboard nearby the crime scene.

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