Occupy Minneapolis: Two protesters arrested, 30 tents taken

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Around 4:15 am Thursday morning, Hennipin County Sheriff's infiltrated the Occupy Minneapolis camp ground and proceeded to remove 30 tents. At 9 a.m. two protesters were arrested by police, reports the Star Tribune.

The tent clearing was reportedly "gentle but forceful," unlike the arrests, which were vividly forceful.

According to the Pioneer Press the two men were both arrested for misdemeanor obstruction of the legal process, a gross misdemeanor.

The first man was resisted police and after a thorough struggle was carried to the back of a waiting squad car. Video of the long drawn out event here.

The second man was thrown to the ground by police after reaching towards a police officer from behind. As he was being handcuffed, the man told the Associated Press he was reaching for his jacket.

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