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August 24, 2006

The threshold of mortality - Happy 50th

Turning 50 is like stepping across a threshold. And there at the other end is a casket...or an urn...with your own sorry butt somewhere inside. I understand mid-life crisis. It's trying desperately to not cross over. You can cling to the door frame, but you are inevitably sucked inside. While graduate school seemed like a good way to stave off the crossing over, you get pushed over the edge anyway and the normal humiliations of being a graduate student seem amplified in that the life lessons that you will learn will only last so long. And some of the better ones will never be applied to a large group, like how to deal with homework and hotflashes...both your own.

August 4, 2006

What was I thinking?

Is 50 midlife? Only if you plan to live to 100...It's more like the threshold of old age. Why then, am I back in school? Because after a youthful hiatus in the other places of the world, there's nothing like school. My favorite part is that while I've been developing a life-philosophy of life, there hasn't been one person that I know who would care to read or even ask about that philosophy. It's good to have a lot to write about, but even better that tuition covers the cost of someone to read it and make comments which at least start with something positive. And a blog? Dear God, heaven is truly on this earth.