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It's not paranoia, they really are out to get you!

Holy cow! There have been moments in my life previously where my confidence in my fellow humans has been shaken and tonight is no doubt one. The title: Special Education Law. The subtitle: how to cover your ass and get around that parent. The teacher is very good. He is a high school principal with a law degree. But the entire tone of the class is those darn parents! One woman swore that she had three families in her district who had a lot of money and enjoyed suing the school. While I for one could possibly derive pleasure from seeing this school district hung...I couldn't justify it more than a cabin up north, a boat, a trip to europe, extra help for my kid, a new car, someone to clean my house, mow the lawn, a condo in Hawaii, a condo anywhere and a chance to get a massage. And if I had all that, I'd look for a good charitable cause to give it to before I'd sue my school for the "fun" of it. I really never thought that teachers and administrators laid in wait for parents and the iep meeting...but was I ever wrong. The attitude of let's see what this child needs is NEVER the first attitude expressed by these teachers. In addition, they act like we're robbing their school! When special education starts to come out of a teacher's salary, then maybe I'd have some sympathy. But it's not. The superintendent must tell the building principals to fight all sped costs because they act like it's theirs! Special education funding is a district problem and it needs to be solved at that level. If they can build stadiums at high schools to rival Fenway Park and put up domes,then they can meet some kids' educational needs. So, if you're thinking that they don't like you and your kid, you're probably right!