Day 1

For Day 1 of the digital workshop I was apart of the meet and greet team. It was a really exciting day as we anticipated meeting our Junior High students for the first time. They arrived earlier than we thought, which worked out just fine. When students were brought to me I helped them find a place to set their belongings, and then helped them find Curtis to be apart of the Tweed exploration. This was not a planned activity but it worked out really nicely, and it was a good way to take advantage of all the resources around us. Next Joellyn gave a small introduction of the workshop to the students which was really helpful in focusing our group and setting them up for a successful day.
The first animation activity for the kids took place in the tweed through flip book animation. The kids seemed to enjoy it although it was a very short activity. I think it was a nice way to step into the ideas of animation because it used simple skills of drawing with a pencil which is a familiar process for all students. We probably had a few too many helpers, but it was not a big deal.
After 15 minutes of working on flip books I helped students collect belongings and instructed them to quietly follow me to the lab where we would be working. During this class time Joellyn introduced the activity for the day which was to use Photoshop to transform a picture of their face how ever they wanted. The students really enjoyed this exorcise, and it was fun to see the variety and creativity with in these short animations. Some students seemed a tad self conscious and would delete some of the layers they completed, instead of just continually building up their ideas. It would be good to remind students not to delete or worry about perfection in their face transformations and that this exorcise is more playful and a way to explore Photoshop.
There was about one mentor for every kids which was nice for the first day when the students were learning so many new tools and ways of working in Photoshop. It also helped because students were not faced toward the front during Joellyn's teaching, so this allowed mentors to be right there to keep students on track and keep them from getting lost. Overall I think the first day was really successful and the kids left excited about what they learned.

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