Day 2

Day two I was stationed in the Tweed Museum Animation Station in which Jillian and myself got to share our research on chalk, white board, and graphite animation. The students were really intrigued by the videos we showed them, but they were a bit hesitant at first to participate in our chalk animation exorcise. In an attempt to get the students to start thinking about transformations and character morphing, which would be one of our focus' through out the digital workshop we gave students the challenge of morphing a human character into a ware wolf. We encouraged them and gave them ideas to get them more comfortable, and the kids began to have fun morphing the character. We encouraged them to think about shape and how one shape can morph into another. We also tried to encourage them to add interest by moving the character and referenced different parts of Blu's movie to get them to think about how they could add interest to their chalk animation. Again this intro session was a lot to cover in such a short time, but it was still valuable in exposing the students to an alternative animation technique. After the kids left Jillian and myself stayed in the Tweed to see if anyone walking through would be interested in attempting chalk animation, but there really was no one around to participate. After the fact Jillian and I realized it would have helped to continue the chalk animation ourselves or go around and invite people to participate to make our activity more approachable.

Small wolf1.jpg

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