Day 3

Day three was a really exciting day for me personally because I got the opportunity to start actually working with students on their narratives. I joined the Frog Prince group which was focusing on appropriating this classic story by setting it in modern day and visually representing through imagery inspired by Monet, specifically his impressionist water lilies. We found our students really enjoyed combining digital methods of working with drawing, by scanning in drawings of their characters and manipulating them in Photoshop. This gave them the control they desired and helped us move a little faster, since our students where very meticulous in their working habits.
Our students also got the opportunity to work with paint animation in the Tweed Museum of Art. This was a great help in creating our background imagery fast and in a fun and exciting way for our students. It pushed them to work in a less meticulous fashion and gave them freedom to play and have fun with a new animation technique.
We also continued finishing character development. We had already had a good start on both the princess and prince characters, and we also completed work on our frog character. I had prepared a step by step how to draw a frog, and we also had frogs in our image bank which helped develop this character fast and easy.


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