Day 4

Frog Prince small.jpgFrog Prince Girl small.jpg

The students used the first part of the day to add the finishing touches to their characters. Using pattens through the stamp tool, our students helped distinguish the background from the frog and prince characters. This was a fast and easy way to build contrast and the students really enjoyed it.

Next we began to work on developing our background. To prepare for this the mentors in our group had collected images of Monet's paintings and practiced using different stamp techniques as well as collaging to integrate this imagery into our paint animation backdrop. The girls worked really hard trying to keep their color pallet consistent when creating their background by adjusting flower colors from Monet's work and playing with filters. They also focused on keeping their composition as a whole balanced and readable. They developed a path through the use of a paint brush tool that had a gravel texture, they also copied a picture of a bench using the magic wand and put a filter that gave it a painterly style that matched well with our aesthetic. By the end of class our background, and characters were totally finished and ready to be animated.

frog prince frog small.jpg

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