Day 5

Today was all about animation and piecing together our final movie. As mentors we spent many hours preparing much of the animation for our team including piecing together our paint animation. We also spent a lot of time going through iMovie and reviewing sounds and music that would be appropriate for our movie.
The students started out the day by animating the last scene of the prince and princes walking away in love. They also chose to use the fog special effect in conjunction with a still of the back of the frog and the back of the prince's head to complete their transformation scene. It was easy and quick, but was also convincing and worked with our story really well. The girls really enjoyed piecing together the final project in iMovie and adding sounds and transitions. They left feeling good about their movie, and as mentors we just completed a few last final adjustments.

  Overall this project wet really great.If I had to do a similar project again I would look for ways to simplify the animation process so the students would be more involved.  I think I would also let the kids build their own narrative around their own character so they would have more freedom, and perhaps be more free to create and have fun.  The pressure around building a long narrative based on an already existing story seemed to be a little too much for the amount of time the kids had to work.  No matter what story or project is used I would also allow for a few more class periods for students to work.

Ideas for how to use similar animation in classroom:

-Use the idea of a flip book to make simple animation. Girl flying background changes, body moves.  This way movement and animation could be simple but you could really play around with the visual elements.  I would accomplish this with photoshop, but you could also add in background stills of other animations.  Perhaps your character will fly through a paint animation.

-Have the class collectively work on one narrative so they are all responsible for one scene.  You could set up basic characters and story plot but each group could reinterpret them to create their part of the movie.  You could then piece the clips together to get a remix type loose story line.