Chalk Animation Music Video

As a reaction to my chalk animation lesson plan, I decided to make my own chalk animation music video. I wrote and played the background music as well as creating the chalk animation. It was a really tedious process to make such a large chalk animation as well as integrating the background and human character. It took about 10 hrs total for production. It wouldn't have taken as long with out the scene with the brick bridge, but still I did not expect the process to be so involved and long. I really enjoyed the process, but if I did a similar project with students I would simplify it a lot. I also found out that creating the illusion of movement across a landscape is much harder than doing transformations with chalk animation so I would encourage students to develop a plot around a transformation. I'm really happy with my final outcome and am glad that I put in the long hours to get a very innovative chalk animation that I hope others will also enjoy.