Think Twice Before You're Hasty with Your Research

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According to Marketing Week, a UK-based industry magazine, fast research just doesn't pay off.

Interestingly, it appears that research firms are increasingly under pressure to produce lighting quick research. These firms are firing back and saying that there needs to be an adequate amount of time built into the research process to produce proper analysis.

Emma Whiteheard, head of digital at Guardian Media Group argues that it is extremely important to carefully consider results of research and work out how these results relate to specific audience segments.

So what do you think? Is it more important to have fast turn around on intepretation of research results, or to take a longer amount of time to carefully consider results?

In my opinion, reliable and valid research takes time. A lot of companies may argue that in the age of digital media, fast turn around through research on resources such as social media may be possible. I would be wary of this: that can only work if a brand is extremely socially engaged. Many are not yet.

I think, however, that the research industry needs to be aware that research methods are changing dramatically in the digital age. They need to constantly be working with clients to find new research solutions. In this sense, they needs to be ready for quick turn-around on results.

What do you think? Should research firms stick to a slow and steady pace, or ramp up the pace for the digital age?

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