The goal of this week's assignment was to brainstorm more ideas addressing the questions: "How might we make frozen lakes safer in the winter?" and "How might we save a victim drowning in cold water?". I also compiled the 10 best ideas that I've collected during this ongoing problem-solving endeavor.

SCAMPER with Ice Safety Picks

To generate more ideas, I had a short brainstorming session using the "SCAMPER" method. This technique involves making observations about a design and imagining various types of modifications that could be made. I chose to modify a basic tool already used to address my problem statements, handheld ice safety picks.



Below are some of my favorite sketches with short explanations.



I thought about ways to change the spike component of the device. I remembered a survival factoid about how fishing spears are more effective with multiple prongs, and thought the ice picks might improve with this modification. 



I tried to mix the ice safety picks with a harpoon gun and sketched a grappling cannon.


Noticing a strong resemblance, I named the modification after the Hookshot from The Legend of Zelda video games.



After realizing that human tongues have the uncanny ability to stick to ice and metal poles, I thought that a drowning victim might be able to use sticky, handheld devices to climb out of frigid water.


I'm not entirely sure what aspect of the ice picks I magnified, but a large, spiked wheel with hand cranks seemed like an appropriately extreme modification to the original device.

Put to Other Use
I had trouble imagining creative alternate uses for small icepicks, but I did like the idea of hollowing them out and using them as a means of frosting desserts.

Put to Other Use.JPGEliminate
I didn't see much that could be removed from the basic ice pick design, but I decided that the handle wasn't entirely necessary. The metal prong could be attached directly to a winter glove.

Instead of a single spike in the middle of the handle, I considered a hollowed design with spikes lining the edge.

Rearrange2.jpgMorphological Analysis
Some of my SCAMPER ideas were influenced by the morphological analysis I completed on the ice safety picks. I focused on the functional requirements "attaches to ice, attaches to user, and usable in cold water."

MorphologicalAnalysis.jpgReimagining Silly Ideas
Another additional source of ideas was the pile of silly ideas I had from last week's brainstorming session. Below are the best silly ideas reimagined to be more feasible.

hulk.jpgA rapidly inflating lifeboat could displace the cold water around a drowning victim instead of a green man.oil.jpgA victim's coat could be filled with a tight-fitting, oily layer of insulation.

Top 10 Winter Ideas



This is minor, but it would've been nice if you wrote right away that the picture of all your sketches and small explanations you did would be broken down and further explained next. I just spent time trying to read the small writing, but really didn't need to because you explained the ideas later.
Another thing that would make your entry better is if you explained what your top ten ideas do exactly. I can guess based on the drawings of course, but there were some things I wasn't sure about.
You laid out the content of your entry in a very clean way. It was easy to follow and enjoyable to read.
I thought your adapting idea by using tongues was very funny. It's also very true.. our tongues mixed with ice make a very strong stick. I think your idea would have to have some sort of heat component to gain the initial stick. Although it's a silly idea, I think with the right material it could really work.
Good job overall, you've got some good ideas based on you manipulation of the handheld ice safety picks.

I liked that you looked at many different things for inspiration, such as the hookshot of LoZ and using biomimicry to develop new ideas (the tongue hands would definitely be interesting!)

Your blog post is very coherent and broken up into different sections which creates a better flow for reading the post. I think that you could benefit from scanning your ideas- specifically your morphological analysis and scamper.. I clicked for a closer look and the image was way too large and it needs to be resized.

you've got a lot of great ideas for developing the ice safety picks!

I really like the layout of your blog. It is very easy to read and very easy to find the different sections of the assignment. You also have a good mix of colors and types of pictures (sketches, pictures off the web, etc.).

I think at the beginning of the blog it would've been cool if you would have chosen a few of your favorite sketches with the explanations and took separate pictures of them so we could see them more clearly. I really liked your grappling hook product. It reminds me of an item Kim Possible would use on her T.V show when I was younger and I always wanted a product like that since then. Very fun and effective!

Also I think your morphological analysis was very good but it would've been cool to see some sketches of products you came up with by using the grid.

And last, I enjoyed your choices for top 10 winter ideas. I really enjoyed the heat windshield wipers. No one likes going out to clean off their windshield so that's a great replacement to make the process more enjoyable. The only thing I would fix is to add more description to what these products. Like someone else had mentioned you can kind of tell by looking just at the picture but it would be easier to decipher for some of them with a brief description. Overall great job!

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