Final Idea Selection and Pitch

Final Considerations and Pugh Chart:

For the final week of class, I looked back on my top winter-related product ideas and chose the best one. To track my considerations, I created a Pugh chart and compared one benchmark product, a snowmobile emergency response system, with the other ideas in several categories.

  • Novelty: "Has this been done before? Is this applying something old in a new way?" (Uniqueness was originally a separate category, but I combined it with Novelty when the products scored similarly for both.)
  • Marketability: "How were the product concepts received by my survey participants?"
  • Feasibility: "How much time would be needed to engineer this product? What sorts of resources would be required?"
  • Fulfills a clear need: "Are people looking for the solution this product provides? Does this product provide the best solution?"
  • Big Impact: "Does this product directly save lives?" (Most of my products fall under the category of Winter Safety.)
  • Personal Interest: "Is this product concept worth developing? How willing would I be to pitch this idea? Do I think this product is cool?"

Pugh Chart.png

Based on the comparisons, I decided that "Thin Ice Indicators" would be the best product concept to pitch. Not many survey participants were willing to buy the product, but most recognized the impact the idea could have. The idea addresses known problems faced by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and doesn't pose any major engineering or technological challenges.

Final Name and Sketch:

After brainstorming different names, I decided to call my product "Beacon." I think the name is an apt physical and symbolic description of the product.


Elevator Pitch:

The final assignment for the semester was to give a concise presentation pitching the idea. Click below to watch my elevator pitch. Sorry for the slight video delay; I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!



Hi Josh,

I like that your Pugh chart is made using some software application (not hand drawn), which makes it easy to read. One suggestion for improving it would be to add a row to the chart with calculations of points each idea gets, so that I can easier see the winning idea.

I wish you showed a little bit of you researched on the product name. Is beacon available?

I am glad you proceeded with this idea even though not many people would like to buy it, it still has an application, and it is important to do something that you have personal interest in. I also like that this idea can impact somebody’s life. Do you think that color-coding could be used for the light bulbs: green=you can go, yellow=light vehicles can go, red=the ice is too thin, do not go on the ice?

I like that you explained your criteria and did a color-coded Pugh chart. Both are simple things that make understanding your post much easier (a.k.a. good design).

In your presentation you did a good job of highlighting the issue addressed by your product. I think you could have done a better job of explaining exactly how your product works. I personally had concerns about how i would be able to maintain proper positioning despite shifting ice and thaw/freezing. Granted, it's a highly technical idea that you don't have expertise in.

Overall, good job + happy ChritmaHanukKwanSolstivus!

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