Don't Drink the Apple Juice?

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A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Oz made a claim on his show that apple juice contained high levels of arsenic, and that you should not drink it. He, with the help of a New Jersey lab tested the levels of arsenic in popular apple juice brands and concluded that there were extreme amounts of arsenic, as opposed to the organic brands. I believe that in making this claim, Dr. Oz is committing confirmation bias. He has made a claim, but he seems to ignore any evidence that challenges his idea. The FDA sent Dr. Oz a letter before the show aired saying that if he went on with the story that they would post their findings. Obviously, Dr. Oz did the show, so the FDA responded with their findings. The FDA has been testing the potential health risks in the juices for years, and has found that they are safe to drink. Dr. Oz, who specializes in chest, throat, and lung surgeries, ignored these findings, to prove his point. The FDA went on to state that Dr. Oz ignored the essential fact there are two different types of arsenic. The toxic kind is called inorganic arsenic. However, what Dr. Oz found was organic arsenic, which is commonly found in water, and not harmful to the body. Dr. Oz distorted his evidence, by ignoring the fact that the arsenic found was a safe form of arsenic. For Dr. Oz's claims to be seen as real, I believe that he should the extra-ordinary claims critical thinking principle. He believes that apple juice is dangerous, because of these levels of arsenic, but he did not provide any examples of anyone who has experienced these dangers. This is a serious claim, but it is not currently backed by serious evidence. While many viewers were potentially frightened by the story when it first ran, if they read what the FDA released, or used the critical thinking principle of extra-ordinary claims, they would realize that there is nothing to fear.

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