Internet Explorer Users have lower IQ?

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The research that was allegedly done to prove Internet Explorer users are less intelligent then other browser users. The claim that the researchers made was an extraordinary one, but they did not provide an extraordinary amount of evidence to back up this claim. The group claimed that they had questioned over 100,000 internet users to get their results. This was take a lot of time to do, in terms of collecting dating, analyzing the data and coming up with anything of significance. Websites contacted people who were not affiliated with who concluded that the whole thing was a hoax, as the data for internet explorer users was way too low. People also looked at the researchers making this claim and found the website affiliated with them was new, and the research information was copied from another website. This is after several large media outlets such as the BBC, NBC and other had posted the story on their websites.

The reason why so many people fell for this hoax may have been due to belief perseverance. People may want to believe that their choice of browser impacts their IQ, but in reality such a thing is nonsense. The media loves to try and rile people up using exaggerated claims and sketchy "scientific" studies as it brings in big ratings and pulls at people's hearts. A thorough investigation of the evidence that supports the claims reveals that there is no support for such claims.

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