African Americans and the Shopping Sterotype

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When one wanders into a store, the last thought that comes to their minds is that they are going to be stopped and searched. If that person is an African American, unfortunately this is something they might have to worry about. I found a video of an African American woman going into an upscale store and being searched by the white manager. Both the woman and the manager were actors. They wanted to see how the others in the store would react. The thing is, out of 100 people that came into the store, only 20 stuck up for the African American woman. Usually, the ones who stuck up for her were also African American. This may be shocking to some people, but personally I was not that shocked when most people did not care that the manager was openly racist. One would expect that since the victim was African American, the people who said something and stood up for her were African American.
What does this say about our society today? I believe it tells us that we live in a society where racism is still very much present and the stereotype that every African American is a criminal exists. Although it is true that there are more African Americans in prison than whites, it does not by any means hold true that all African Americans are potential criminals. This is an excellent example of correlation vs. causation.
Although I have never experienced something like this first hand, I can only imagine what it would be like to be searched for being a certain race. I find it disgusting that managers of stores can do this and get away with it. As Americans, we are so used to being bystanders and concerned only with ourselves that we rarely take time to observe all the negative things going on around us. I hope with time this will change, but for now it does not look like racism is going anywhere.

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