Airport Security: Not Just the Big Scanner

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Before the tragic events of 9/11, the only thing passengers had to remove before stepping in the scanner at the airport was their shoes. Now they have to remove almost all of the contents of their bags only to have to repack everything two minutes later. We all know it is unacceptable to say bomb anywhere near an airport but what if a passenger is called aside for an extra in-depth screening merely for the way he or she looks, or based on little, trivial behaviors?
As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 came and went, a new form of security was introduced at many airports across the Untied States. SPOT (Screening of Passengers by Observational Techniques) is a program that monitors the behavior of passengers as they wait in line to pass through security. If someone's behavior is even remotely suspicious, that person is then pulled aside for an "extra" look at his bag. Many officers will start a casual conversation just to see how the spotted passenger responds. If they don't find the given answers suspicious, they will clear the passenger to board. If they suspect that he is trying to hide something, they will send him to another officer that will just observe the passenger's behavior, and from there determine whether or not he is clear to board the plane.
So how should one conduct one's self to ensure one can board the airplane without enduring unfair searches and questioning? In reading this article, I feel that one should behave in a normal fashion and refrain from getting nervous in front of the officers. I also feel that maybe this strategy is taking security one step too far because the mere presences of authority figures often puts even the most innocent of people on edge. Then again, the people hired to "people watch" are trained professionals in the study of psychology so I guess they know what they are doing!

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