Can seemingly normal "addictions" lead to substance abuse?

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Recently, in the chapter about Consciousness, there was a section about drug abuse. One of the highlights of this section was evaluating the question of whether or not there is such thing as an "addictive personality". Scientists have begun to wonder if this plays a role in substance abuse. Having an addictive personality is essentially being a person who gets addicted to things (not just drug related substances) easily. Some research shows that there is no such thing as having the personality profile of an addictive person. Other researchers find that there are some personality traits that tend to lead to drug and alcohol abuse.
This is a fascinating concept to consider. If researchers could find out if this is true or not, it would be easier for people to predetermine the possibility of them abusing substances. This could lower the alcoholism rate, if people were smart enough to realize that their addictive personalities could lead to alcohol dependence. I know that personally, I seem to have an addictive personality. I'm not saying that I get addicted to substances, rather, I get addicted to ideas as well as food. There are times in my life where I have to have certain foods everyday, at times, even multiple times a day. Also, I will get an idea in my head, and it will never go away. Or if it does, it is after a long time. Things such as these make me worry about myself and my seemingly addictive personality. Here is a video of a woman who is addicted to eating chalk. The question is- is this chalk addiction due to an addictive personality?
This concept of an addictive personality brings up a lot of questions. It makes me wonder if we could use this knowledge of people having an addictive personality to prevent the possibility of substance abuses.

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