Facebook=Size of Brain?

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Scientists and researchers, from the University College London, have recently came up with the hypothesis that the number of Facebook friends someone has may be linked to the size of a portion of their brain! And these people are also more likely to have more friends in the real world.
A man, by the name of Professor Rees, conducted a study and found a very strong connection between the number of Facebook friends someone has and the amount of grey matter in areas of the brain. The amygdala was included in this grey matter. It showed that in this area was larger in the people who had a larger social network and larger amount of real world friends. There are also three more areas in the brain that correlated with the social networks but not the real world friends, the right superior temporal sulcus(also associated with autism defects) , the left middle temporal gyrus and the right entorhinal cortex.
The problem with this study is that they have two things that correlate, but they do not know the cause. The researches are also trying to figure out what impact the internet has on our brain. I think that before scientists put this out into the media a whole lot, they need to have an idea of what may be the cause to this.


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