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In our college years, us students hardly sleep. We have class and homework to do all day, and then we try to spend our nights having fun with our friends. Not to mention that we're up in to all hours of the night on weekends. Due to our extreme lack of sleep, we tend to come up with our own mechanisms to staying awake. One of the main ways is through caffeine such as soda and coffee. However, some students take caffeine in the form of pills and shots. The question is, does caffeine really keep us as awake as we think?

Caffeine is proven to give us a boost in energy for a short period of time, but one brand claims to do more. 5 Hour Energy shots are tiny shots of caffeine that are supposed to give you 5 hours of energy without a crash. This is an extraordinary claim because there is no way that a drink can give you 5 full hours of energy, and without a crash. There is no scientific evidence to prove that these shots work other than users' anecdotes. These stories do not solidify the validity of the drink because the affects of 5-hour energy shots are different for each user.

Caffeine also has a diminishing effect. First, once a user has drunk 500-600mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 6-7 cups of coffee, the drinker will start to feel sick. Also, the more caffeine you drink on a daily basis, the more caffeine you need to stay awake because your body assimilates to caffeine. The best way to stay awake is not through drugs like caffeine, but through well balances meals, plenty of sleep, and good time management.

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