"Hi, I'm Dory! Whats your name?... Hi, I'm Dory! Whats your name?"

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Our short term memory allows us to retain information for a short period of time. It has the capacity to hold information for only a few seconds. Within this amount of time our memory can actively access the information. Our short term memories fade away over time and the longer we wait the less is left. People who suffer short term memory loss have the condition of anterograde amnesia. People may find themselves constantly forgetting information, people or events after a few seconds or minutes, because the data does not transfer successfully from their conscious short-term memory into permanent long-term memory.

This is an issue that has multiple causes including a number of chronic medical and psychological conditions, trauma, medications, drug or alcohol abuse, and infections. Short term memory loss is a condition that affects many peoples lives greatly. This is an important concept because as we get older our memory gradually decreases and isn't as strong. Short term memory loss helps us realize how important our memory is to us and without it life can be very difficult. We rely on our memories to explain our lives and make up our lives. Understanding a disorder like this makes us aware of how lucky we are that we can access our memories.

Dory in the movie Finding Nemo suffers from short term memory loss, or anterograde amnesia. She forgets things very quickly and tends to ask the same question over and over again. At one point in the movie Dory is told to go through a dark scary trench, not over it. Once Dory and Marlin arrive at the trench Dory forgets what she was told and they go over the trench. They end up running into a school of jellyfish and Dory gets stung by the tentacles on the jelly, almost costing Dory her life. This goes to show that short term memory can be very dangerous. Forgetting key pieces of information can result in harm. You could end up not knowing where you are or what you were doing. There is also a part in the movie where Dory, after looking for Nemo for a long time, finally finds them and asks "What's your name?" Nemo tells her his name, but Dory doesn't realize Nemo is Marlins son because she couldn't remember his name. This prevents her from solving the problem she has been trying to solve. Amnesia can get in the way of solving problems and doing simple day to day tasks. Imagine if you couldn't remember something someone just told you. It would be very hard to live a normal life this way.

One question I am left with is can short term memory loss be fixed? Once you have amnesia, can you do something to help you gain back the task of being able to store memories? I found some tips below to help, but I want to know if amnesia can be "cured".
I think it is important to understand short term memory because it could affect you soon in the future.

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