Is Canola Oil Hazardous

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Recently, I read an article claiming that canola oil is significantly more dangerous than other types of cooking oil, and is extremely toxic. The article claimed that canola oil causes blindness, respiratory diseases, a weakening of the immune system, emphysema, and many other ailments, including mad cow disease in animals. Additionally, the author asserts that canola oil depletes a person's life force and flow of energy. To justify these claims, they state that this oil was used to make mustard gas in World War I, and that canola oil led to significant health problems for rats, when they added the oil to the rat's diet.
Since the overall claims made are quite expansive and substantial, extraordinary evidence must be provided. However, most of the evidence the author uses is not backed with any validity or justification for why his ideas are true. One of the only exceptions to this is the test with the rats. While the rats did show a build-up of fat and other negative health conditions, there was no control group in the experiment. Also, a simpler explanation for these results would be that adding oil to a rat's diet produced this result, as opposed to it being a result of toxins specifically in canola oil. Other researchers later provided evidence that any type of cooking oil would result in these effects, thus suggesting that this rival hypothesis is more likely. Additionally, the assertion that it inhibits a person's energy flow is not falsifiable, and canola oil is simply not used to make mustard gas.
When analyzed using scientific skepticism and the six principles of scientific thinking, it can be concluded that this article is largely pseudoscience. This is further supported by the author's stated aversion to using modern scientific methods when making this claim.

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