Maybe you really do need 8 hours of sleep...

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After reading the chapter on sleep, I decided to do more research into what happens when we don't get eight hours of sleep. After looking though many articles, I found one that really opened my eyes. The study done showed that high school students with less then eight hours of sleep on school nights are more likely to start abusing drugs and alcohol, and are at a higher risk of committing suicide than students with eight hours of sleep. In the study, 12,154 high school students were asked how many hours of sleep they got each night. Two thirds of the students got less then eight hours every night and of those two thirds, many were likely involved in "risky behaviors". Some statistics from the article are as followed:
"86% more likely to have seriously considered attempting suicide.
67% more likely to smoke cigarettes.
64% more likely to drink alcohol.
62% more likely to feel sad or hopeless.
52% more likely to use marijuana.
41% more likely to be sexually active.
40% more likely to be in a physical fight one or more times."
Researchers say that if teens consistently do not get eight hours of sleep every night, then they decrease their ability to avoid "risky behavior" and increase their chances of falling to peer pressure.

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