Nature-Nuture Debate: The Bogle Family

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For the longest time, scientists have been debating whether a human's behavior is genetic (from nature) or learned (from nurture). There have been researches that show either effects of nature or nurture's role in a person's psychological trait.
A study that supports the nature-nurture debate is from the article that we had to read for week three's discussion: the long line of criminality in the Bogle family ( In this study it showed the violent and criminal behavior in the multi-generation of the Bogle clan. Along with "Rooster" Bogle, many of his siblings and their children, his own children, and grandchildren have been arrested and convicted; 28 counts to be exact. Was it the blood line that led them to such behaviors or was it the environment they were raised in?
After reading this shocking article I realized how important it is to really find out if nature or nurture has the bigger effect on the human behavior. Once the source of any situation is found, coming up with a solution becomes more simple. Finding out if it is nature or nurture will help us prevent (future) unwanted behaviors from occurring. If it is nature, is it possible to influence a person's doing for the better? Can we break the cycle? Trying to change a quality that is born within a person is going to be very difficult to do and I'm not even sure if it is possible. I think if it is nurture, it will be easier for researchers to see where and what went wrong so it will also be easier to create better outcome. Anything learned can be unlearned.
Because this debate is still going on it makes me wonder about myself and my future. Will it be nature that will influence my future children or will I have to nurture them with what I want? I worry at which will have a stronger affect because not knowing becomes not knowing how to deal with it later.

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