Nicotine Addiction

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According to Medscape reference, nicotine addiction is the second leading cause of death in the world, and is responsible for nearly 5 million deaths each year. These results make it obvious that drugs such as nicotine are overwhelmingly popular in today's society, but my question is why is that so? In my opinion, it is because it is a stimulant. The heart rates, blood pressure and respiration increases and as the book states, "it enhances positive emotional reactions and minimizes negative emotional reactions." People become so used to state of mind that the use of nicotine becomes an addiction. Personally, I know a great number of people who cannot go a day, or even hours, without the use of nicotine so this drug impacts my surroundings everyday. Additionally, people develop various cancers, and with diseases such as lung cancer claiming the lives of millions of people each year, don't you think people would eventually stop? This is what puzzled me, and encouraged me to write about this topic, with the basic idea being that there are obvious negative effects that are associated with all of the nicotine products ranging from cigarettes to chewing tobacco, yet people continue to use them. They are not healthy for your body whatsoever and it just seems that the desire for relaxation and tranquil experiences is not worth using nicotine.
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