No Past to Look Back to and No Future to Look Forward to

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The case of Clive Wearing puts me in complete awe. Since the video that was shown in lecture, I have searched for more videos of him. Clive Wearing was a conductor and musicologist from Great Britain before he was diagnosed with anterograde amnesia, which prevents him from remembering any new information given to him. He has a memory span that lasts from only seven to 30 seconds long. Every time he "wakes up", he thinks that he had just woken up from a long period of unconsciousness. Not only can he not remember anything new he takes in, but he had also forgotten part of his earlier life. The only person he recognizes is his wife, Deborah, and every time she walks into the room it is as if Clive is seeing her for the first time in years.
In another video that I watched of Clive was more recent than the one from lecture. I thought it was so strange how after so many years he still says the same lines when he "wakes up", and how he gets excited every time he sees his wife. What I found kind of sad was that in the older video, I remember Deborah saying that his memory span was around two minutes and then in the more recent video his memory span decreased to seven-30 seconds long. In the recent video, more information about Clive's amnesia was shown. It showed that he could no longer remember which taste belongs to which food.
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The interesting case of Clive Wearing is important because it shows the difference between explicit and implicit memories. These two parts make up the long-term memory system. An explicit memory is a memory that we can recall consciously. In contrast to that, an implicit memory is a memory that we cannot recall.
Memory loss cases like Clive's are the reasons why I want to major in psychology. Finding out about how the human brain and mind works have always been a big part of my curiosity. The human brain and mind is one of the most complex concepts that even when the smallest information found it is like we've found such one of the biggest puzzle pieces. I want to be able to help solve this puzzle.

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