NTs and PDs

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I was really interested in how drugs affect the brain. I took a Rock and Roll history class last year and we had a whole unit on the influence of drugs on the musicians in the 60's and the 70's. Psychedelic Drugs were very popular during that area. We talked about the drugs, but we never talked about how they actually worked. What exactly causes these hallucinations or these states of euphoria? In lecture we talked about what exactly drugs do. They can increase or decrease the releasing of neurotransmitters, they can block NT clearance, or active or block the receptors. What I have discovered I learned that PD exhibit or inhibit levels of certain NT, which in turn causes a drastic cognitive and perceptual alteration and delineation of thought, and causes hallucinations. They are mainly used for religious reasons but are also popular as a street drug. This increasing or decreasing of NT is very interesting and to me would be quite scary.


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