Nurture Grows but Nature Shows

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The debate between nature and nurture is far from over; psychologists still argue over which has the greater influence in making a person who they are. (Nature vs Nurture). I often find myself wondering which has had more of an impact on creating me. Looking back, I frequently imitated my parents and peers, mimicking behaviors and then determining whether the outcome was preferable or not. I act a lot like my father before me; I think carefully before acting, but all it takes is one positive experience for an addiction to form. Yet, as I have grown older, I have become less like my father and more influenced by the ideas presented to me by schooling and friendships. I started keeping careful track of my habits, ensuring they were in check and not becoming an addiction; my environment has taught me addictions are bad, despite something inside of me pushing back. So which is the more important aspect of human behavior, nature or nurture? Let's take into account the way a person appears; does that not influence how others act towards another, thus creating a chain reaction into their own behavior? How is this possible? Nature defines how we physically appear, yet impacts, and is impacted by, how we are nurtured? Nature is the instructions we are given before the test, and nurture is what we learn to prepare us for the test. It is not "Nature vs. Nurture", but "Nature AND Nurture". Without instructions, you don't know what is important; without answers, you can't complete the test. Both are equally important to being successful, and both have an equal impact on whom we become.

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