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Classical conditioning is the application of a stimulant while applying another form of stimulant. What this means is that you can get someone or something to see or feel something, and then come to expect a reaction to happen shortly after. This sort of training is used mainly for training animals and pets. Classical conditioning also has had a drastic effect on human beings.

I think this is an important concept because of what it has done to humans. Without even noticing it we have a stimulus such as a smelly room tell us that the garbage is probably full, which then leads to us tending to the garbage to rid the room of any bad smells. Other forms of training occur, such as whenever any football player hears a whistle being blown, that means something has happened on the field and everyone should stop what they are doing. Classical conditioning played a huge roll when I played football. On a friday, if you didnt see our head coach come out of the office it meant that we were simply going to stretch and then go inside and lift. If we did see our head coach come out of the office then it meant we will be outside practicing. We were trained to see something and then infer what will happen next. 1291892960-76.jpg

There is not much that I am still wondering about, except how we can communicate with animals. If we can do this much insane training to animals, there must be a way that we can talk to them and figure out what they are thinking. I believe that with all of the training techniques we have there must be a way for this to happen.

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