Selective Attention

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While reading the Lilienfeld textbook, the one concept that really stood out to me was the concept of selective attention. According to the textbook, this means using one sensory channel to focus on one thing while all the other channels are either completely ignored or completely minimized. This idea really stood out to me because I can apply it to my life nearly every single day. For example, sometimes during class I get distracted by a doodle on my notebook. Soon all my attention is then focused through my eyesight onto this doodle and I completely block out my hearing and what the teacher is saying. Another example of when I am subjected to selective attention is when I am watching a hockey game on TV and I pay attention to absolutely nothing else around me since I am too emerged into the game. This this idea happens so frequently to just about everyone that it is important to understand what it is and when it is happening. If this theory was not developed, many people would happen to miss a lot of important information and not even realize it. Thanks to this concept if we find ourselves "getting into the zone" we may be able to snap out of it if we feel like we might miss something important. While it is maybe ideal to never reach this state, unless a lot of focus is needed, it is very difficult to avoid. Which makes me think, is there any way that it can be avoided or prevented? Because I know, at least for me, I would be able to get many more things done.Selective attention is frequently featured in a variety of magic tricks. One of the most popular is a quick change routine, where a women quickly changes from dress to dress as a man distracts with props and lighting, as shown here in this video:

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